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Property Management

Complete real estate solution

For over 9 years, Cube Scripts Media worked with real estate agencies to develop feature rich real estate management software. Our flagship service is now product called Real Estate Script which allows an individual owners and real estate agencies to easily publish, manage and organize properties for sale and/or rent.

  • Present your real estate with fully engaging website that will outshine your competition.

  • Real Estate Script has full control over information that is displayed for each property listing.

Flexible search

Real Estate Script has modern search system with flexible parameters. We followed the latest standards in real estate market, but we do understand that each business desires different approach. With minor modifications our software will produce your custom tailored property results.

Full map and location search

Another great possibility is to modify maps to work on different levels of zoom that can be set for each location. By default our system is set to auto-fit maps with all available surrounding properties. Cluster markers introduced to avoid obstructing the map area.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let our software do SEO for you

In SEO one question is constant. Content presentation and availability. We worked with several consultants to find a perfect formula that produces search engine friendly software. Now we have robust and fully engaging SEO solution that works for you behind the scenes.

Links and Meta Tags

  • Each property has meta tags setup. Plus you can load SEO link directly from your property title.

  • Each property has unique language title, link, keywords and description. Great solution for marketing.

Website Speed

In the new version of Real Estate Script we introduced caching system that works with thousands of properties. This system stores your search results in the website cache. Once cache is stored there is no need recalculate database results. This system saves your resources and it provides search engines with a fast and unique link for each search result.

Modular Booking

Booking system that fits your business

Our idea is to create a flexible booking system that can be easily changed to suit any real estate market. You can add reservation manually for each property or you can accept instant bookings via your website.

Instant Booking

Instant booking is the system of automatic payments for either reservation fee (site mark-up), refundable deposit, base price and/or cleaning fee. You can enable instant booking globally or you can have option to use it on per property basis.

Rental Booking

Multi Language

One system to control all languages

Our script uses dynamic translation engine, which means that it will add phrases to the translation list as soon as they appear on your web site. Any text displayed can be translated from one simple translation interface. This has been the industry standard for all major software companies. However, we went to another level of programming and created translation system specific for each property.

Translate your listings

  • All user inputted property data can be translated through the simple and intuitive interface.

  • Each language translation is loaded through separate linking system with unique meta tags.

Export and Import languages

In case you need to save your translations we provided a tool for language export/import. You are free to use our existing translations. We will provide you with English, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi translation. However, new script translation is done through control panel and it can be completed in 2-3 hours.

XML Support

Simple and powerful XML system

If you need to connect several real estate websites then our XML support is perfect solution for you. We created system that lets you synchronise your properties between several script installations. Number of our clients have multi real estate networks and one main database to serve as master website to all site/domain locations.

How XML works?

XML was designed to transport and store data. That means that you can have one master website to input all properties then you can export/synchronise all these properties to alternative domains/websites.

XML real estate

Promotions & Billing

Monetize your real estate website

We have three types of promotions: Featured properties, Push-up properties and Listing Subscription. You can set prices for each in the control panel settings. Each promotion is set for a certain period of time. You can use billing system to automatically promote properties once payment is cleared.

Location promotion

If you search for a specific location you can use Push-up system. This gives you flexibility to promote properties in their locations with the time limit of your choice. Most importantly your can set different promotion prices for each location.